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White Hawk Golf Club Scorecard

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Hole #1

On this short par 4, it’s a straight shot from tee to green. The green is protected by a greenside bunker on the left. The hole builds your confidence for the start.


Hole #2

Ideally, place the tee shot away from the fairway bunker on the right. The key to this par 5 is the club selection on the second shot. A well-protected green dictates that you play to the center on your approach.


Hole #3

Play smart off the tee—your downhill drive may carry through the fairway into the left fairway bunker or into the hazard. A tee shot played to the right side of the fairway will leave you an uphill shot to a narrow opening to the green.


Hole #4

Hit plenty of club to carry both the water and the pot bunker in front of the green. Check the wind as it typically will be against you coming from the south.


Hole #5

The most difficult hole on the front nine. Proper distance and placement off the tee is critical. A drive to the left side is the smart play as the right side of the fairway is protected by a large water hazard. Proper club selection is the key to the second shot avoid the pot bunker on the right side of the green.


Hole #6

This downhill par 3 plays into the north wind so choosing the right club to navigate the narrow opening into the green is a must. The green is well protected with water on the right, a downhill slope on the left, and a pot bunker in the back.


Hole #7

A challenging par 4 due to its length, drive the ball down the left center of the fairway to avoid the three pot bunkers on the right. Your second shot will be played into a narrow green with a greenside bunker on the right.


Hole #8

One of the safer holes on the golf course, the only trouble lies on the left side from two fairway bunkers. Hit all you’ve got from the tee box, which will leave you a short second shot into a large wide-open green.


Hole #9

The ideal placement off the tee is to the right of the fairway bunker. The key to this par 5 is the second shot to set yourself up to handle the narrow opening that plays into the south wind and into the green, which is well protected by bunkers on both sides. 


Hole #10

What water? Your tee shot over the water on this short par 4 will determine success or failure on this hole. Ideal placement is to the left side of the fairway, leaving you a short second into the green protected by a greenside bunker on the back of the green.


Hole #11

Hit all you can from the tee box! Doing so on this par 5 will leave you with two options: You can choose to go for the green, which is well protected by water and slopes off the backside; or, the smart play is to lay-up to the front of the green to leave you with an easy approach shot for a birdie opportunity.


Hole #12

Be careful with your club selection as good position off the tee is a must. Look out—there’s trouble everywhere: right, left, long, and short. However, a good tee shot will leave you with a wedge to the green, which is protected by bunkers on both sides.


Hole #13

This long downhill par 3 plays into the wind. Shots that stray to the left or right will end up in the trees. Don’t be short or you will find the creek or pot bunker protecting the front of the green. A par is a great score here.


Hole #14

Drive the ball down the left center of the fairway. This will leave you with a narrow shot into the front part of a sizeable two-tiered green, which is protected by a greenside bunker in the back right.


Hole #15

Typically this is one of the easier holes on the course. Drive the ball down the left center of the fairway and it will leave you with a wedge to a narrow opening of the small green protected by a greenside bunker on the right.


Hole #16

Choose your club wisely, as you’ll need to hit plenty of club on this par 3 to carry both the water and the pot bunker in front of the green.


Hole #17

What you see is what you get! Drive the ball down the left side of the fairway. Your second shot will be your biggest challenge as it’s into the wind and uphill to a large narrow green protected by bunkers on the left and right side.


Hole #18

This finishing par 5 is our signature hole that brings you home toward the clubhouse. It’s a long dogleg right from tee to green that puts a premium on your approach shot into the green. A good drive and approach shot will set you up for great scoring opportunity. The front of the green is protected by a cascading waterfall that empties into one of our several ponds.

Championship41353940218641418346241149535054095574071914103612024125283477698274.6 / 135
Back38850136215937117541338047932283875213891733923301833855213281650972 / 130
Middle35546932713034613738135447029693615053651543773211733615063123609269.7 / 125
Handicap57111715153913 12261641810148    
Par M/W454343445364543443453672  
Forward3004242691013088833031441125453314032611303672741162584632603514872.8 / 134
Handicap11113151717795 82101861216144    

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White Hawk Golf Course

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White Hawk Golf Club’s experience hosting hundreds of golf tournaments and outings including the Bixby QB and Hodges Tournaments and ranging from wedding party fundraisers to local corporations and community groups makes us uniquely qualified to ensure that your next golf event is a success. The following are just some of the value-added services we can provide that truly set us apart:

  • Accommodate groups up to 288 golfers.
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  • Tournament availability 7 days a week.
  • Tournament packages include greens fees and power cart fees (2 per group).
  • Curbside bag drop.
  • Registration and award table set-up.
  • Provides professional scoring.
  • Full practice facilities with professional clinics and driving range privileges.
  • Custom signage, rules sheets, and scorecards.
  • On-course beverage cart.
  • On-site special contests and prizes, such as Closest to the Pin, Longest Drive, and Longest Putt.
  • Equipment rentals for both men and women.
  • On-site full service banquet facilities and catering for pre- and post-round meals.
  • Hole-in-One insurance.
  • Hole sponsorship signs.
  • Extra putting contests.
  • Custom merchandise and special ordering options.
  • Starting options include single tee, a.m. or p.m. full-field shotguns, and a.m. or p.m. modified shotguns.