Come out and enjoy the tasty drinks and fresh food on Game Day! We will be having the ‘Football Squares’ betting game starting tonight and resuming tomorrow at 9:30am. Each bet is $1 per square, so be sure to show up before the game starts at 11am or come in tonight to the Pro Shop to place your bets!

If you place your name on the square that contains the last digit of each teams score at the end of a quarter, you will win one of our 4 quarter payouts!

For each board of 100 squares filled, we will be paying out the following:

  • 1st Quarter – $25
  • 2nd Quarter – $25 and 1 MGGA T-Shirt
  • 3rd Quarter – $25 and 1 Free Meal at the Iron Grill
  • 4th Quarter – $25 and 1 Free Round of Golf

If we keep filling up boards, then we will keep printing them and offering the same prizes! Get your name on your square early! Hope to see everyone there!

**Drink Specials**

  • $2 Bud Light draft
  • $3 Shock Top & Sam Adam’s Octoberfest
  • $4 Classic Margaritas

**Appetizer Special**

  • $3 Chipotle Onion Rings